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The Motivation Behind WiseBuysGuys

When we export our purchase history from Amazon, it's like an encyclopedia in length.

WiseBuysGuys is run by two guys with many interests and successful careers in marketing, communication, collectibles, higher education, and media who have purchased their share of 5-star items that were actually 2-star quality. We've read and watched hundreds of product reviews from reviewers who have never actually used the product. Order. Open. Record. Review.

Not us! Our reviews are from real-world use! And our blogs are designed to introduce you to new and interesting finds!


Welcome to WiseBuysGuys. Before you purchase another product, stop here to get a handle on what's great, what's not, what's new and what's overrated!

Expert Product Reviews

Meet the WBGs

Josh Levine

Josh is an expert in so many things it's impossible to share... unless you read his book!

As a life-long collectible-spotter and the founder and former CEO of the largest Auction House in the southwest, Josh has become a master of stuff that include instruments, guns, jewelry, art, toys, sports memorabilia, audiovisual gear, tech gadgets, and so much more. 

When Josh isn't hunting collectibles at an estate sale, writing marketing campaigns for companies, playing his guitar, or tracking down a rare CD from his 90s band, you can find Josh recording a few dozen video reviews!

Meet Josh v3.png
Meet Dean v3 (1).png

Dean Batson

Dean is all about escaping!

With camping, mountain biking, overlanding, and Jeeping experience from Mexico to Canada, Dean puts outdoor and home products through the rigors of real-world abuse. And, on the lighter side, his other passion is tech gadgets. There isn't a pair of earbuds he hasn't destroyed.


When Dean's not escaping into the mountains or pairing some Bluetooth device, he's teaching college courses, running businesses.​and most likely forgetting to pack the cooler and sleeping bag he just purchased.

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