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6 Amazon Halloween Decorations Worth Buying Early

Do you love Halloween? At my house, it's one of our favorite holidays, so we start decorating early! Over the years, we've found that one of the best places to find spooky Halloween decor at a great price is on Amazon.

So, if you're in a frightful mood and looking to decorate, check out these 6 Amazon Halloween decorations that are worth buying early.

1. Framed Halloween Photos (Set of 12)

What better way to make your decor look even more realistic than replacing family pictures with these creepy laminated photos? They are a cheap addition at less than $20 and include a complete set of 12 images, making this a fantastic buy!

  • 12 photos printed with a frame (the frame is not real)

  • Made from cardboard and laminated

  • Dimensions vary between 11.2inchesx13.9inches/28.5cmx32.5cm and 8.3inchesx12.6inches/ 21.2cmx32.1cm

  • Waterproof, reusable, and tear-resistant

2. Lifesize Witches

Are you looking for sound-activated Halloween decor that will incite some jump scares? Check out this set of three lifesize witches that feature lights and sounds. They are holding hands and begin to scream and laugh when sound is sensed, while lighting up, making them sure to excite your trick-or-treaters!

  • Set of 3 witches holding hands in an eerie exhibit of sinister sisterhood

  • Faceless heads glow and flicker

  • Witches scream with sound-activated sensors

  • Approximately 66" tall and include stainless steel ground stakes

3. 3D Wall Bats

Bats are another essential part of Halloween decor. If your walls are lacking and could use extra holiday spirit, check out these PVC 3D Bats we found on Amazon. They're sold in a set of 72-pieces and cling to your walls, making them an easy and versatile option that you can use to create that spooky look.

  • 72 bats that are various sizes

  • The bats come with adhesive strips that allow them to affix easily to the wall

  • Stick to walls, cabinets, doors, windows, and more

  • Removable, waterproof, and repositionable

4. Witch Crashing into a Tree

Are you looking for a funny addition to your decor? Look no further than this witch crashing into your tree. She's 63" in height and easy to attach; plus, the kids love this one, so there's no doubt you'll get a lot of comments from visitors.

  • Lifelike witch featuring a classic look with long silver hair

  • For use outdoor or indoor

  • 63" high by 36" wide

  • Versatile and can be attached to a tree or hung from a post

5. Black Halloween Tree

Most people make it to September and begin longing for Christmas. To satisfy your itch for putting up the Christmas tree, check out this 5' black Halloween tree. This is one of my daughter’s favorites. It's skinny and made from tinsel, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Additionally, you could add some lights or ornaments around it if you wish.

  • Stands 5' tall

  • Easy to install and store

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor

6. Giant Light-Up Spider with Webbing

Spiders and webbing are an essential part of decorating for Halloween. This set includes two giant light-up spiders and 200" of spider web that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. (The spiders are over 4 ft wide!)

  • The package includes 2 light-up spiders, 1 spider web, 1 hook, 5 nails, and 40 grams of spider cotton.

  • Two lighting modes: steady on or flashing

  • Durable and made from soft polyester

  • Versatile and can be hung anywhere

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