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7 Hilariously Weird Things Found on Amazon (Radioactive Uranium & Dog Wigs?!?)

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

As you know, we buy products that we actually use and then review them. But, sometimes, we find items that are just so comically crazy that they deserve some attention. And since you can buy literally anything on Amazon, you already know the marketplace is full of fun and unexpected products.

So, we've searched every corner of the website and shared this list of the top 7 hilariously weird things to buy on Amazon.

1. Desktop USB Refrigerator

Next time you're at your desk and need a cold one, you'll have just that - one single ice-cold beverage - with this Mini USB Desktop Fridge Cooler.

  • One can capacity

  • Official Coca-Cola retro design

  • Thermoelectric cooling

  • USB powered, plug included

  • Compact design

2. Earthworm Jerky

Are you an adventurous eater looking for a new way to consume high amounts of calcium and protein? Look no further than Newport Jerky Company's Earthworm Jerky!

  • No Artificial Flavoring

  • No Artificial Colors

  • Boiled and Dehydrated, not Fried

  • Great Source of Protein

  • Great Gift!

3. Uranium Ore

Yes, you read that correctly! Amazon has everything, including radioactive material! While we don't recommend opening the container too often, a tin of uranium ore would make an excellent conversation starter!

  • Radioactive Ore Sample (NORM) Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials

  • License Exempt - low radioactive ore sample size and CPM activity will vary

  • Useful for testing Geiger counters and performing nuclear experiments

  • Shipping compiles to Federal NRC and postal regulations

  • Radioactive minerals are for educational and scientific use only

4. Personalized Lifesize Cardboard Cutout

Ever thought of giving someone the gift of, well, you? Now you can with this personalized lifesize cardboard cutout. All you have to do is send the seller an image and height specifications, and you'll receive your masterpiece within a few weeks.

  • Whether you want guests to take endless photos with the VIP or you want to make an appearance at a party you can't personally attend, this Custom Standee is ideal for your next event.

  • Easy to customize with a photo of yourself, your friend, or a family member. Use it as a decoration or photo booth prop for a personal touch at a birthday, graduation, or wedding.

  • Capture pictures of guests posing with this personalized decoration to create unique memories of the special occasion to keep with them forever

5. A Baby Mop

Do you have small children at home or grandkids who visit often? Why not spend some quality time and put them to work simultaneously? It's never been easier with this baby mop; the best part is they won't even realize it's work! I sometimes can’t even tell if this stuff is for real!

  • The original since 1998

  • Works for any surface

  • Perfect for your babies or as a gift for newborns

  • Hilarious gift for those expecting

6. Severed Fingers

Ok, so these may not be real, but with Halloween fast approaching, some of you may be looking for new ways to freak out your friends and family. These realistic-looking severed fingers are made from latex and will elicit terror.

  • Five artificial severed fingers resemble a human hand in the design, skin color, and vivid blood that's painted to make the fingers more realistic, disgusting, and horrifying!

  • Prank your friends: The realistic look makes them ideal for terrifying pranks. It provides you with a good choice to play jokes with your friends or be placed anywhere to scare someone.

  • Perfect for Many Occasions: Including Halloween props or decorations, haunted houses, stage props, magic tricks, April Fools, and yard decorations.

7. Dog Wigs

Your dog should feel just as stylish as you! So, why not help him or her achieve their best look with one of these dog wigs?

  • Variety of hair colors

  • Adjustable chin strap

  • Works on cats also! (They may not be as receptive to it lol!)

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