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8 Of The Best Record Players/Turntables of 2022

Okay, audiophiles, music lovers, and record player newbies. I knew this day would come. The day someone would ask me to do a Record Player….okay Turntable review.

I am a firm believer that you just can’t beat the sound of a record player. So today I am here to let you in on the best turntables or “record players” you can buy today. This is not a review of the vintage players out there but the modern ones.

One of the best classic turntables out there. Fully Manual, Belt-Drive, let's call it old school.

I say the best way to describe it is, professional entry-level as it's bare bones, but very well made. Plays 2 speeds 33-1/3 and 45. It is equipped with a built-in selectable phono preamp & the AT-VM95E Dual Moving Magnet cartridge. A solid turn table and the choice of many.

This is probably the best starter turntable for the money. It has all the features you may ever need.

Direct Drive, Cast Aluminum Platter, Bluetooth, USB for direct-to-computer recording, has all 3 speeds and includes the AT-VM95E Stylus. Even the DJs like this guy, t has pitch control and the drive is super-responsive. For under $300? What a deal!

For the money, an excellent turntable, that is for sure.

Premium components and driven to provide that pure analog experience that recreates the performance. This is the High-performance Audio Technica AT 91 cartridge that produces outstanding clarity. What can I say? I like it.

This beautiful, fully automatic, weighted belt-driven turntable is under $500.

It sounds as good as it looks. Modern style, superior audio, 3 different speeds, auto start/stop, built-in equalizer, and did I mention it looks gorgeous?

Here's the Bluetooth turntable that's perfect for newbies.

If you never had a turn table in your life, want to get into it, see if you like it, and, in the process, burn some vinyl to your computer, then this is a quick & inexpensive way to do just that.

Easily, one of the best turntables for the money. Several of my subscribers were telling me to check this one out and yes, you were right, thank you.

Professional features like the Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge, isolated motor, acrylic platter, and more. Under $500, this is a steal.

This is a professional-grade, high-end turn table for the true audiophile and probably not the first-time turntable buyer.

I am still a little intimidated by this guy. If you are serious, it requires some reading and a little more knowledge to set up properly than the other turntables on this list. It is only a rent payment.

Here’s the one that I typically recommend the most. It’s also the one most people purchase on my Amazon shop.

Carbon Fiber tonearm, Electronic Speed Selection, and a pre-mounted Sumiko Rainier Cartridge. A Serious Table that won’t break the bank. And it comes in all those crazy colors.

Well alright, I hope that was somewhat helpful. That was my 8 choices and hopefully, it narrows down your options.

How do you feel about the different turntables/record players I've listed down? Think there are better ones out there? If so, leave a comment below!

Until next time, my friends!

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