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What Can't This Thing Do? (Adjustable Heavy Duty Rope Hanger)

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Are you looking for a versatile piece of outdoor gear for camping and other uses? Say goodbye to cutting and tying rope, these heavy-duty rope hangers will make your life so much easier, both outdoors and at home.

Hi, I’m Dean from WiseBuysGuys, and I’m known for putting outdoor and home products to the test in rigorous, real-world scenarios. One of my passions is camping, and I’m always looking for ways to make my outdoor adventures that little bit easier.

This rope hanger is the most versatile piece of equipment I’ve found in a long time. I primarily use it for camping, but I’d challenge anyone who says they can’t find half a dozen other uses for this handy item. It completely eliminates the need for a rope; no cutting or tying is required. It’s so useful that I’ve ordered five packs since I discovered them!

As I said, the possibilities for this item are endless. A better question to ask would be: what can’t I use this heavy-duty rope hanger for?!

Personally, I use these for hanging tarps and other camping equipment. Their adjustability means I can easily move them as the sun moves, giving my camping pitch some much-needed shade in the Arizona sun.

I also frequently use them for securing items down in the car, particularly awkward items that might roll around or cause damage. I’ve also used it for hanging and storing items in my garage, and even as a temporary washing line when I’m out and about.

Amazon’s suggested uses include hanging growing light fixtures, reflectors, and carbon filters, although I haven’t used them for these purposes yet myself.

These rope hangers are sold in packs of six pairs, so twelve individual pieces. Although they are only 8ft long each, they are really easy to connect together, which is something I frequently do to make them longer.

The rope is made from polypropylene, and there are carabiner clips on the end so they’re easy to hook onto each other or another item. When you use the rope hanger, you click a button to release the rope to make it as long or as short as you want. It’s strong and claims to hold up to 150lbs of weight. Personally, I’ve never had one of these breaks on me, even when it’s been sat in the hot sun for months on end.

In summary, these heavy-duty rope hangers are incredibly versatile, strong, and inexpensive, costing between $15 - $20 for twelve pieces. Their simple design completely removes the need for taking the rope on your camping trip, and I guarantee that you’ll find a use for them around your house too.

So, let me know if you’ve used these before and, if so, what did you use them for?

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