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All About The Ambiance (Staaric Outdoor Solar Light Review)

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Are you looking for gorgeous outdoor decorations? Check out these automatic solar lights that create nice ambient lighting just in time for fall.

Hey, this is Dean from WiseBuysGuys! Today, we're revisiting Halloween with another item, the Staaricc 10-Pack of Solar Outdoor Lights.

The Starric Solar Outdoor Lights are solar, automatic on/off lights that you put outside in your yard near your patio or deck. They are mountable two ways, or you can stick in the ground using a typical ground stake, which works fine, but in Arizona and other places with rocky soil, it's really hit and miss. I find that it helps to start a hole with a screwdriver, but sometimes you have to try three or four times to find a spot with no rocks. This is a pain because it prevents you from spacing the lights evenly, which annoys you endlessly if you're OCD like me.

At any rate, if you watch the accompanying review video, you'll see that when I have the light in a darker area, it comes on, but if I put it near the light, it shuts right off. The cool thing about these lights is the flickering glow, especially when you see several of them in a row at night.

So, if you're looking at these lights from a strict ambiance perspective, for example, for Halloween or a tiki torch party, they are really cool. However, if you want them for brightness, it's just meh, and these lights are solely for ambiance.

Ultimately, the Staaric Solar Outdoor Lights are pretty good, I like them, and they do serve a purpose. Unfortunately, since they are not that bright and they have such a limited use, even though their quality seems okay (I've had mine a while now but don't use them much), I'm only giving them 3.5 stars.

I gave this rating because I feel that they are $10 to $15 too expensive. They are currently listed for $59.99 on Amazon (as of my video recording), but that's a sale price of 25 percent off; the regular price is $79.99. Given that I feel the $59.99 price is too high, I feel they only deserve 3.5 stars.

That being said, if the $15 isn't that big of a deal for you and you're looking for the ambient lighting to give a nice Halloween nuance, they are pretty good!

There you have it, folks; thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to leave us a comment before you go!

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