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Camping Will Never Be The Same! (MoKo Waterproof Camping Dome Tent)

Are you looking for an all-season two-person tent? Check out what I found on Amazon!

Hey, this is Dean with WiseBuysGuys! Today, we’re going to take a look at the MoKo Waterproof Camping Dome Tent.

I bought this specific tent because I needed something I could use in the wintertime. Though I have a nice, large 9-person tent, it doesn’t always make sense to bring it on my camping trips. This is especially true when it’s colder outside because no one ever wants to come along, so it’s just my dog and me.

The Moko Camping Dome Tent has turned out to be pretty great. Although, I should mention that the first product I received had to be returned after using it only one night because one of the grommets where the pole attaches popped out. However, I contacted the company through Amazon the day I got back, and they had a replacement in the mail the very next day - so that was nice.

That said, I’ve used the new MoKo tent they sent me about eight or nine times now, so I wanted to share my thoughts with you on that today.

The first thing I noticed about this tent is that it features a different design that I’d never seen before. Of course, I haven’t owned a million tents, but I’ve had about 10 or 12 over the years. The way this one is made is it has a large plastic cocoon that’s constructed first, and then the blue dome portion is installed over that. I would imagine it’s made like this because it’s a four-season tent. And it really does hold the heat well, which was evident when the temperature got down into the teens one night.

The design works well for the purpose of the tent, but it does make the initial setup a bit of a pain. However, once you understand the design concept, the setup gets easier, but to bypass it, I just leave the cocoon inside the outer portion, roll it up, and store it. In terms of poles, the MoKo Dome Tent only comes with three, so setup only takes about 10 minutes or so.

Like anything else, there are some things I like about this tent and some things I don’t.

To start, I will say that the little vestibule area is a great spot to put your shoes or backpack to keep them out of the elements without taking up space inside the sleeping portion, so I really like that. Another thing that’s nice about the MoKo tent is that it’s sturdy and features quality velcro and zippers, which is important because you’re always in and out. Moreover, it has a two-piece inner door where one part is mesh, and the other is solid, and they come apart. It’s a great design for when you use the tent on warm nights, plus you can use the solid part as a “floor” to your vestibule.

On the other hand, I don’t like that there aren’t many windows. Essentially, the bottom portion of the tent is mesh, and you’re not able to cover it at all, which allows you to breathe. But there’s only one window, and the worst part is that it zips from the outside. I wish it zipped from the inside, and perhaps there were a few other windows. However, it’s a four-season tent, so I’m sure they had to compromise on that.

Aside from not really being able to see outside of the tent, I do like the three storage pockets they included inside. And I also like the little mesh holder near the ceiling where you can throw stuff for storage. We actually use it to hold our laptop or phone when we’re watching movies we’ve downloaded.

Ultimately I give the MoKo Waterproof Camping Dome Tent 4.5 stars. The tent actually works really well, and I would’ve given it 5-stars, but I wish they would change the design to feature poles that clip in place rather than slide into sleeves. Other than that, it’s a great piece of equipment that I use a lot. The company stands behind its product, and I think you should give it a shot if you’re looking for a three or four-season, two-person tent.

Thanks for stopping by! This was Dean with WiseBuysGuys, and don’t forget to drop a comment below!

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