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The 4lb Camping Throne (Cascade Mountain Tech Camp Chair)

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Hi guys, it’s Dean from WIseBuysGuys here, and today I’m going to be reviewing a new camping chair which I have tried, tested and compared to the various other camping chairs I own. It’s so good, I came back from my trip and bought four more!

One piece of equipment that I’ve really enjoyed using and I am glad it’s a part of my camping gear is the Cascade Mountain Tech Chair. Everyone needs a perfect seat to put their feet up after a long and busy day, and I think I’ve found the perfect one for you too. For the short period of time, I’ve had this chair, I’ve used it for camping, at my own home in the garden and even gaming.

The Cascade Mountain Tech Camp Chair is perfect for those long weekends away, afternoon activities and week-long explorations. A simple three-piece product, this chair is compact, lightweight and straightforward to use. The perfect travel chair, the Cascade Mountain Tech Camp Chair, is great for, well you’ve guessed it, camping!

Holding up to 250 pounds, it acts as a comfortable seat for anyone around the campfire. Emphasizing the chair’s compact design, it comes in a zipped bag with a strap for easy transportation. Inside you’ll find the frame, the seat material and a Velcro headrest. All rolled up in one quick and easy design, it makes for easy storage in any car. A simple design, the chair’s appeal is that it's substance and design without lacking in any of these areas.

So, how do you use it? Simply take the three pieces out of the carrier bag. The great thing about this chair is that all the frame pieces are attached, meaning its retractable frame cords allow you to never misplace or lose any pieces. All you need to do is slot the pieces into each other and there you have your frame. Once you’ve done that you can take the material of the seat and slot the four sleeves into the frame points to form the seat. Lastly, stick the Velcro headrest on for even more comfort. There’s really no way you can do it wrong, and you’ll have your chair in minutes (avoiding those family arguments). As a quick tip, if you’ve got multiple chairs, take one of the bags and zip the other bags inside. This means they won’t blow around and you can’t lose them.

The great thing about this chair is that it’s straightforward to use, lightweight and compact, quick to set up and versatile. Another bonus is that because the seat fabric is removable, it means you can wash it when it’s become muddy or dirty from your camping adventures. The Cascade Mountain Tech Camp Chair uses barely any space, allowing you to take more camping gear and accessories, as well as fit it many vehicles. It’s worth noting that while it can be used for backpacking, I’ve experienced some difficulties during the activity, as after a while it became heavy and slightly uncomfortable to carry. Weighing only four pounds, the chair is lightweight and compact.

Hitting the mid-range price of around $70, this easy-storage, easy-assembled, easy-cleaning chair will make your camping experiences and adventures more relaxing, allowing you to focus on the good stuff.

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