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Finding Storage In A Jeep? (SUPAREE Roll Bar Cargo Bags Review)

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Where are we supposed to put our extra clothes, tools, roadside equipment, or snacks? Finding the best and most efficient way to stow your things is a must, so look no farther than the SUPAREE Roll Bar Cargo Bags!

Hey, this is Dean from WiseBuysGuys. I’ve experienced those moments where my Jeep Wrangler all of a sudden looks like it exploded. There is a sock over here, an extra tool over there and they have no other location except scattered around in the most absurd places. Not to mention everything we need for our road trips or when we want to go camping. We need extra storage, and we are always looking for the most efficient ways to get it. With the SUPAREE Roll Bar Cargo Bags, you’re getting just that.

The SUPAREE Roll Bar Cargo Bags will have you fulfilling all of your storage needs as it utilizes that spot in the back seat. Its quick-release buckles easily attach to the roll bars or any other empty space in your Wrangler. Its black sleek look and medium sizing allow it to fit into the vibe of the car without looking bulky or out of place. Best of all, it fits anything you can think of. You can fill it up with your daily necessities, roadside assistance equipment, and extra clothing items to keep you warm, or like I mentioned before.

Amazon often sells on features and sometimes it’s hard to believe what they offer. I too, was a little skeptical as the flattened bag showed up at my front door. However, the amount of room available was considerably more than I would have thought. There are multiple compartments and pockets (including zipper heads and mesh bags), it’s made from the highly tough and durable 600D oxford cloth, and is lightweight, waterproof, and washable. It includes carabiners to hold onto anything you need and easy-to-use elastic buckles. On top of this, it’s made from non-toxic material, allowing you to feel safe about having it around your family.

The best part of extra storage is that the bag comes in pairs and only costs around $70. An affordable price for an item you will use daily and will take an immense amount of time to look worn! My Jeep Wrangler and I are extremely happy with this purchase and give it 4.5 stars for its ability to make my car look clean and organized while having everything I require for any occasion. So, put down your extra netting and roof racks for storage and utilize that random space behind your back passenger’s seat!

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