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Halloween Fun (Orange Halloween Lights Review)

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

When do you start decorating for Halloween? If you ask my wife, she’ll say six weeks early, and that’s how we ended up with today’s product!

Hey! This is Dean with WiseBuysGuys! So, at our house, the schedule goes - about mid-September, we put up Halloween decor (I have no control over this, I’m just the laborer!). And then, about the week before Thanksgiving, we decorate for that, and it stays up for what seems like two hours before it comes down to make room for Christmas stuff until New Year.

So, where are we? Let’s get to the start of our Halloween product kick-off!

Today we have what are called “Orange Halloween Lights” We call them candy corn lights because they do look like candy corn, but don’t eat them!

The lights are 21 feet long, and each box has 100 lights. We bought two boxes this year and still have the two boxes we bought last year, meaning we have about 84 feet of candy corn lights around our house for the price of only about $10 or $11 each.

I find that the Orange Halloween Lights are consistent and look great! One of the things I like is that they don’t get hot, so there’s no need to worry about them burning you if they touch your skin.

This product is perfect, in my opinion, because I’ve actually seen them used in several different applications, and they still served their purpose well for each. For example, I knew someone who wrapped what must have been several boxes around their outside deck. They had the lights perfectly wrapped in that wrap that few of us (I know I don’t) have the patience to achieve. It looked really nice, and I would imagine they plan to leave it up all year. The color is still subtle enough that it will provide a little illumination without being too much.

It’s worth noting that the Amazon product description names them as “Christmas Lights,” but I just don’t see how orange fits in well with Santa and his red-nosed reindeer, so we’ll keep calling them candy corn lights!

Typically I like to include both pros and cons for each product. However, I found that these orange Halloween lights are worth 5 stars. So, let’s take a look at the list of pros:

  • Functional and Versatile

  • Great Price

  • Works for indoor and outdoor use

  • Ships Immediately

  • Perfect for Halloween or Ambient Lighting

As I said, I gave these Halloween Lights a 5-star rating. We love them at our house and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants great candy corn lights for the holiday or just wants some subtle lighting indoors or out; you can’t beat these for the price!

There you have it! What do you think? Don’t forget to leave a comment below; we’d love to know what you think about the product!

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