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Is This Stuff For Real? (Flex Seal Sealant Review)

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Fixing leaks at home can be difficult. They show up in a wide variety of materials, making a single solution difficult. Plus, they’re often in hard-to-reach places.

This is Josh with WiseBuysGuys. There are a few waterproofing and leak solutions out there on the market, but when it comes to cost and effectiveness, nothing beats Flex Seal. This stuff is basically liquid rubber in a can. It’s perfect for fixing almost any leak you can think of. From the roof to the foundation and even out to the cars in the garage, this product really is a great first solution.

Probably like you, I remember seeing the ads for this product and feeling skeptical at first. But after trying this out for myself, I’m a true believer.

The major benefit of Flex Seal is that it comes in a can that sprays onto surfaces. That makes it a lot faster and more convenient than other applications. You also end up with virtually no clean-up, which you can’t say for more common products like caulking.

It does take a long time to dry, but the end result is extremely durable. After 24 hours, most applications will be fully ready to go. Once the Flex Seal cures, you have a rubber seal that’s going to last years, depending on the environment.

The product works in situations you wouldn’t imagine a spray could manage to do the job. When my sand filter sprung a leak, I saved thousands of dollars just by spraying Flex Seal on it — even though the water was shooting over into the neighbor’s yard!

All I had to do was sandpaper the area I was going to spray and then wipe it down with acetone. Once I did that, I had to wait five minutes. Then it was ready for Flex Seal!

For really tough situations, the company recommends you apply multiple coats. And since a can isn’t very expensive, you might as well.

It should be noted that Flex Seal is not recommended for applications that will come into contact with drinking water or flammable materials like gasoline.

A two-pack of 14 oz cans of Flex Seal will run you somewhere between $35 and $40. For a point of reference, the company says that a single 14 oz bottle covers 12 square feet. That’s a pretty great deal when you think about all the times leaks in your home or car can end up costing a fortune to fix.

If you are wondering how to fix leaks in an easy and affordable way, there isn’t a better solution than Flex Seal. Even if you aren’t sure if it will work, it’s worth a shot, and it will probably be all you need for most situations. That’s why I’ve got to give this five stars.

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