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Lights, Camera, Selfie! (NexiGo 3.5 Inch Dual Selfie Ring Light)

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Are you looking for a quality external light to enhance your videos? Check out this dual ring light I found on Amazon!

Hey, this is Dean from WiseBuysGuys! Today, I’m going to review an item that just came up on its one-year anniversary: my NexiGo 3.5-inch Dual Selfie Ring Light.

NexiGo 3.5 Inch Dual Selfie Ring

First off, this light is sorta versatile, and I still use it a lot, even though my HP Envy 34” All-in-One has useful options that allow you to control the brightness across the various sections of the large screen or make the tone warmer or cooler. Hence, it does lessen the need for the ring lights, but I still use them quite often.

The NexiGo 3.5-inch Dual Selfie Ring Light easily deserves 4.5 stars, so if you want to run and buy it now, go ahead, but let me tell you why.

It has a clip that attaches to the table or, in my case, to a lamp post sitting behind my computer. And while I used to clip it on my desk when I worked from my laptop, the light arms aren’t quite long enough to reach if you have a large monitor that’s raised up. However, this isn’t a problem because the clip makes it easy to adjust placement.

This ring light also has a couple of other features, with the first being three different color tones that you can switch between, but what I find most convenient are the three different brightness levels. For me, being able to change between various degrees of brightness makes quite a bit of difference. In fact, the room where I record is usually pretty dark because we have blackout shades installed to block some of the intense Arizona suns, but the ring lights work well in my situation because I’m able to adjust them to where I’m sitting.

Ring Lights

The other feature that I find to be awesome is the expandable phone holder. It’s a great addition because sometimes I like to use my phone and my camera to capture different angles. And not only that, since the NexiGo ring lights clip virtually anywhere, it’s easy to attach your phone and move somewhere else, even if you’re not going to use the light. I’ve found this feature to work really well, and it’s pretty universal. Additionally, if you have another camera rather than a phone, you can unscrew the phone holder and change the adapter to fit whatever type of device you have.

At the end of the day, this NexiGo 3.5 Inch Dual Selfie Ring Light works really well; it’s easy to use and is inexpensive. The price has come down a bit from a year ago when I bought it, and recently it’s hovering around $24 to $29. If you’re looking for a good product that works well, is flexible, has just enough settings to make it useful rather than bogged down, and clips just about anywhere, I would definitely recommend this product!

It’s been an excellent one-year anniversary for my NexiGo 3.5 Inch Dual Selfie Ring Lights and I look forward to many more!

This has been Dean with WiseBuysGuys, and don’t forget to drop me a comment to let me know what you think!

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