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Perfect For Bedtime Stories! (Hooga Rechargeable Clip-on Book Light Review)

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Do you enjoy reading in bed at night but find that your light disturbs others? Maybe it’s “wind-down” time with your young child and you don't need the entire room really bright? Check out the solution I found to this very common problem.

Hey, it's Josh from WiseBuysGuys! Today I have a review for a product that I use every day! And what is it!? It's the Hooga Rechargeable Clip-on Book Light. This thing is so cool, and you have to check it out! It's only $15 to $20 on Amazon.

I picked one up because every night, my daughter wants me to read her a book in bed, and I need the lights out because I want her to fall asleep. And I can hardly see anymore, so this is my go-to item!

This little light is fantastic! It features three settings that require you to click the button three times to cycle through. It's powered by a USB and is super lightweight. One of the things I love is that it's versatile enough to use on any book - hardback or soft cover. In fact, I haven't had a problem using it anywhere!

I've been using this clip on booklight for about two months now, and I've found that the battery life is great. On average, I plug it in about once a week and charge it, which is a big change from the old ones that used to require you to keep a supply of "AA" batteries on-hand.

Overall, I found that the clip-on booklight is super lightweight, portable, and bright enough for my needs.

Normally, we offer a list of pros and cons for each item, but I love this one so much that I'll just give you a quick list of the pros that I've found with this item:

  • Incredibly Lightweight

  • Three Brightness Settings

  • Great Battery Life

  • Works with Hardback and Soft Cover Books

  • USB Charging

This clip-on booklight deserves a five-star rating because it's perfect for what it is and what it does. I love the brightness, the battery life, and the fact that it charges via USB. It's a nice upgrade from the old-style clip-on book lights that ran on batteries and were rather heavy.

Ultimately, if you're looking for a bright, lightweight clip-on booklight, I'd highly suggest this one! The price is great, and the product works just as described - what more can you ask for?

There you have it, folks! What do you think? Do you have any experience with this USB clip-on booklight? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts; we're always happy to discuss!

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