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Screw This! (Vigrue Cordless Screwdriver Review)

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Are you looking for a handy cordless screwdriver that actually has power? Let's see if the Virgrue Cordless Screwdriver lives up to its reputation.

Hey, this is Dean from WiseBuysGuys! We review products that have been used in the real world; we test them and use them before sharing them with you. In this case, I have been using this particular product over a year now, and even bought one for my son. I am talking about the Vigrue Handheld Electric Screwdriver.

Virgue Screwdriver

When I first got the product, I thought it was pretty good because I've had 6 or 10 of them over the years, all of which were not great. So, one of the reasons this screwdriver stands out is because it has better torque. I always find it to be a pain when you're using some handheld screwdrivers, and they're so weak that they can't get a screw in halfway. This one does it well, and you can always change the handle angle, or you can lock it and use it like a screwdriver, making it very versatile.

But the main reason that I'm more excited about it is that this company just deserves some kudos. In this case, the screwdriver came with a flexible shaft that either arrived broken, or I broke during the first use. Either way, I reached out to the company through Amazon, and within hours they emailed me back saying they had already shipped a new item out.

This is one of those situations that the company deserves notability because there was no time wasted with back and forth. They didn't ask for photos, a blood test, or my firstborn child. They handled the whole thing really well, and I even went back and bought a second one!

So, the screwdriver comes with a case and 48-piece tip set that includes flat heads, Phillips heads, star tools, and a variety of others, which I'm sure will come in handy over the years. But this specific tool I can use for screwing, unscrewing, and drilling. And while some people will say, "Just get a cordless drill," I have one. However, I've found you have to be careful with those because if you're doing drywall, they're often too powerful, and you can end up going right through. Perhaps those more skilled than I don't have that problem, but that's not me.

At any rate, while the Virgrue cordless screwdriver isn't a daily item, there's not a week that goes by that we don't use it for something. I will say its light isn't that bright, but I didn't buy it for that, so it's fine. But the fact that you can change the handle direction is very useful, and you'll find you use it more frequently than you think because the 90-degree bend is in the way during some applications.

Virgue Corldless Screwdriver Review

To recap, the Vigrue Cordless screwdriver works well because it has good torque, is versatile with the handle adjustment function, can lock in place, and I like it because the company stood by their product. This product, for me, is an easy 5 stars! It's fairly inexpensive at just around $30 to $40 (be sure to watch for discounts via the link) and makes a wonderful gift for anyone - a guy or a girl - who has a home and may need it.

There you have it; this has been my 5-star handheld electric screwdriver! Don't forget to comment and let us know what you think!

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