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Shine Again! (Weiman Jewelry Polish Cleaner and Tarnish Remover Wipes Review)

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Polishing jewelry can be a pain, but that shouldn’t stop us from buying charming and unique pieces. What I found is a fast and convenient solution for polishing silver and I would love to share it with you.

Hi, I’m Josh from WiseBuysGuys, and I am a fellow antique shopper who seems to always be drawn to pieces that need to be polished. Unfortunately for me, it’s such a pain to get out the cleaning agent and spend far too much time buffing out every scuff or mark. I had been contemplating for a while and decided to pick up a tub of Weiman Jewelry Polish Cleaner and Tarnish Remover wipes. Let me tell you; I wasn’t expecting there to be anything on the market that could make it that much easier, but these wipes definitely did the trick.

Weiman’s formula is ammonia-free, making it safe for all types of silver including antique silver. On top of this, you can use these wipes on gold, brass, bronze, copper, and aluminum. It completely revives the dullness that these metals can take on and leaves an incredible, mirror-like shine. The greatest thing about Weiman wipes is that not only your antiques, but jewelry, any heirlooms you own, or any fine housewares will all be significantly shinier for longer. Even year after year.

I learned these wipes aren’t only for everyday collectors like you or me; the Weiman Wipes products are made for all different people and professions. Whether you’re a chef, mechanic, cleaner, or work in a store that requires you to polish items, you’ll find the perfect, streak-free clean with these wipes.

Out of all the Weiman product options, I decided to opt for the wipes as they were going to be the easiest and simplest to use. I knew I wasn’t going to need to purchase any sort of polishing cloth as the wipes come already moist and ready to use right out of the container. All you have to do is open the lid, remove a wipe and start polishing. When polishing my brand new antique silver teapot, I went over it about two or three times. Overall, it took me 15 or so minutes to clean, and my wrists were pain-free after. I should also note that the smell is actually quite pleasant compared to other strong cleaners out there too.

I am the type of person who finds it much more stress-free to grab the easy-to-use item in the hopes that it will have the same outcome as products seen as more professional. It’s great to know that something as simple as a Weiman Wipe can do the trick that many other cleaners struggle to do. Fewer headaches – or wrist aches – and even your most cherished items will shine again as if they are brand new.

At under $15, I won’t be buying anything else when it comes to cleaning my silver. I don’t often like to give out 5 stars on items, so I am going to go ahead and give this item 4.9 stars. They really are that good.

The next time you find your silverware looking a little past its used date, I’d highly recommend getting your hands on some Weiman Jewelry Polish Cleaner and Tarnish Remover Wipes to give you the clean you need without all the hassle of buffing!

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