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Thank God For This Toy (Yoto Mini Kids Music & Audio Player)

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Hi, I’m Josh from WiseBuysGuys, and I’m known for putting all sorts of Amazon products to the test. I’m always looking for ways to keep my kids entertained, in ways that ideally don’t involve an iPad! The Yoto Mini music and audio player has been rigorously tried and tested by myself and my fun-loving four-year-old.

The Yoto Mini Player will keep your kids entertained for hours and hours, giving them a good opportunity to develop their independence. It’s durable, easy to use, and very simple to set up.

The Yoto Mini Player works by inserting audio cards into the top of the player. There are a diverse range of media cards available, from bestselling audiobooks to singalong tracks, educational activities, even children’s podcasts. The kids’ audio player is easy for kids to use on their own, and has large dials that make it simple for them to adjust the volume and skip a chapter.

The Mini Player will be nostalgic for you if you’re a Gen X-er like me; it reminds me of Panasonic’s TNT 8-Track Player!

The Yoto Mini Audio and Music Player for kids is incredibly lightweight, which makes it easy for your child to carry with them around the house or when out and about. It gives them a sense of control over their own entertainment and is a great alternative to cartoons or iPad games.

It’s built like a tank; almost nothing could destroy it! Music player cases are also available for less than $20 on Amazon if you want to make them even more robust and damage-proof. A case is also a great way to keep track of all of your audio cards!

The huge range of media cards available means that your child can choose whatever they fancy listening to. Perhaps a quick singalong while waiting for their dinner, or an engaging audiobook for a long car trip!

The one main drawback that I’ve found this kids’ audio player to have, is its battery life. The manufacturer claims that it has an all-day battery life, although in reality, I’ve found it to be about half of this. It comes with a charging cable and can be charged quickly via the USB-C port.

The Yoto Mini Audio Player for kids has a slot at the top in which to insert the cards, easy-to-use chapter controls on the side of the device, and a headphone jack so as not to disturb those around you! It has a large volume control dial and works as a functional Bluetooth speaker, too.

It has a pixel display that displays simple animated graphics to further enhance your child’s learning experience when listening, keeping them engaged for longer. The Mini Player measures 1.57” x 2.76” x 2.76”, making it a nice, compact addition to your travel bag. The kids’ music player costs between $70 and $80 and the media cards are sold separately.

In summary, this audiobook player for kids is a fantastic way to keep them entertained, while simultaneously developing their skills. Your child will be able to operate the device on their own, selecting their own music, books, or educational podcasts to listen to. While the battery life is slightly less than what it claimed, this Mini Player is still awesome!

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