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The MultiCool MultiTool (Gerber Dime MultiTool Review)

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors and want the best multi-tool? Look no further than this gem right here!

Jason here with WiseBuysGuys! As always, real people, real reviews, real products put to the test!

When I’m out in the wilderness, I need my equipment to work. So, I’ll be sharing reviews from equipment that I use and depend on. What I want to talk about today is the Gerber Dime Multi-Tool.

Of all that I have used, this is the smallest, lightest multi-tool out there. It fits in your pocket and is no bigger than one of the smaller, normal key fobs. The Dime is so small that it’s able to hook onto a keychain and fit in your pocket. I keep it with my backpacking gear and always camp with it. As a matter of fact, I used it earlier this afternoon when I set up camp.

The thing that makes the Dime so special for me is that it’s smaller than a pocket knife, but it has pliers. Though many people say that a pocket knife is their go-to, and there are many options on the market, like Swiss Army knives and so on. However, what makes the difference for me is the pliers.

When I’m dealing with a shock cord that has a knot, adjusting the shock cords on my Gators, or trying to tie something down, I need my pliers because my fingers just won’t work anymore. And this is what makes all the difference for me with the Gerber Dime.

The Dime includes 7 other tools in addition to the pliers (check out my photos), including scissors, a bottle opener, tweezers, a crosshead driver, a medium flat driver, a wire cutter, and a fine edge blade.

Ultimately, I find the Dime to be a very, very light device that offers a lot of different functions. When shopping for a great tool, I looked through many other options, including the Swiss Army Knife and the Leathermans. But, they were all bigger and heavier, and every ounce counts when you are out backpacking.

I am completely sold on the Gerber Dime, and I give the product 5 stars! I use it every time I camp, I even used it today. Perhaps the best part is it’s a great value; in fact, I love it so much I’d be willing to pay twice as much for this tool!

So, go get the Gerber Dime if you’re looking for a small multi-tool that will not weigh you down!

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