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The Pack That Stores Everything You Need! (CITCAR Hydration Backpack)

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

I’m a sucker for an interesting hydration pack, so check out my latest find!

Hey, this is Dean from WiseBuysGuys. Today, we’re going to talk about hydration and compulsive disorder.

Why compulsive disorder? Because when I grabbed this hydration pack to review, I noticed I have a whole shelf of them, yet still haven’t found the perfect one! Even though some of them are perfect for the use I bought them for, I’ll still grab them and decide that they’re not going to work for my needs that day and then start complaining.

Overall, I’ve bought a couple of good ones and a couple of bad ones, but the one we’re discussing today is the Citcar 3L Hydration Backpack.

So, why did I get this product? It was purchased specifically for when I bike to a location to work, such as a coffee shop, which I do frequently. On my ride, I need space to carry my small Chromebook and plenty of water because I live in Arizona, and it’s always hot here, so I needed a big 3L bladder for longer rides.

I mentioned that I have others, but none of them are as large as this 3L version, with my next size holding only 2.5L. Hence, the new water bladder I was to buy had to serve two purposes: to have enough space to carry the laptop and other accessories and hold enough water and food for longer bike rides.

The Citcar Hydration Backpack with 3L Water Bladder is an inexpensive pack that works really well. I should mention that I also have two Osprey Hydration packs, which are easily twice the cost, and they are durable and work really well. However, I’ve had one of them for about four years and while it’s pretty beat up, it still works. The only problem is that it’s not big enough in terms of water capacity and definitely won’t fit my laptop. Not to mention, if you’re riding in a place where the elevation or weather changes often, you may want to carry a sweatshirt or rain jacket, so it’s rare that I find something that fits all of these needs.

Alright, let’s look at this Citcar Hydration Backpack with 3L Water Bladder!

First, I’ve noticed in the past that when you go up a size, the bag tends to shift more due to the added weight, but this pack has straps that go around your waist that secure it well. This is one of the things I especially like about this one because we use this pack while hiking or on family outings, and I’ve found that when everyone gives me their stuff to carry, the pockets on the waist straps are really helpful. In fact, my phone and phone chargers fit in there so well that they don’t hinder me at all - I forget I even have them!

Moving inside the pack, you’ll find lots of pockets and zippers that are really useful for storing tools, CO2 cartridges, or anything else you need. When I use it, I leave the items I just mentioned and then add food, my jacket, laptop, and the bladder, and I have plenty of space.

On the outside of the Citcar Hydration Backpack with 3L Water Bladder, you’ll find some additional pockets and zippers, a carabiner, and the elastic cord (that I love so much) to secure additional items.

I will note that I’ve only had the Citcar backpack for about four months, but I’ve used it at least a dozen or fifteen times, and it’s been great! The product is fairly inexpensive, holds 3 liters, and ranges in price anywhere from $30-$39. The price difference is due to color choices, which I normally don’t pay attention to, but Citcar actually has some really nice color combinations that you should check out.

Ultimately, you need to know that this bag holds 3 liters of water, features a lot of hooks, zippers, and pockets, has awesome clips and straps, and is a solid 4.5-star product. In all, the Citcar Hydration backpack is something that you should check out if you need a larger water bladder that’s durable and has plenty of space to carry additional stuff.

There you have it! This has been Dean with WiseBuysGuys! Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to drop a comment before you leave!

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