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The Problem

That product got a how  many star review? 

The awesomeness of Amazon and other great online retail outlets such as Best Buy, Target, REI, and more is also the problem - too many damn products and wonky, inflated ratings. How many 4.5- or 5-Star products have you bought that were a 3-star product at best? How many descriptions have no semblance of reality?

The Solution

Real products, real reviews, from (semi) normal people. 

We're two guys who buy and use a lot more stuff than we admit to our wives. Follow us and our content specialists to check out real purchases, real feedback, and honest reviews determined only from actual use! No unboxing videos, no endorsements. Journey with us as we highlight what to grab and what to run from. 

See real reviews from real people now!

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Why Rely on WiseBuysGuys' Reviews Product Blogs?

There are two types of product reviews: those written by the manufacturer or seller and those written by buyers. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Manufacturer or seller reviews are obviously biased, but they can be helpful in providing an overview of the product that is more detailed than buyer reviews. 

However, buyer reviews are more trustworthy. And, importantly, reviews from actual, real-world use are the most trustworthy and influential! 

This is where we come in! WBG has a a team of Wise Guys and Gals around the country that are hardcore, real-world expert in many niches. They review products through field testing and write blogs about wish lists, tips and product introductions!

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