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The Affiliate Struggle

The Affiliate Solution

Content is king, and developing content is barely the start!


 There are so many of us that have passions and useful knowledge and experience in various interests such as music, camping, sports, family, and so much more.  Trying to take that knowledge and passion and convert it into residual influencer revenue often seems like a no-brainer! "Hey, I know this stuff! I want to share with the world!"

Unfortunately, that's where most of our passions and skills end. Recording, editing, applying for, and managing affiliate partnerships, blog writing, marketing, SEO, social media, and on and on become so overwhelming and dominate all the time needed to create content!

It's common for influencers to lose interest because a vast majority of the time, we're not doing the things we love. Instead, we're learning to edit videos and buying a dozen or two technology tools trying to edit videos, do social posts, set up SEO, buy mailing lists, set up drip campaigns, and more.

A rising tide raises all ships!


At WiseBuysGuys we discovered that we can split the workload and allow those with a passion and knowledge in any interest to focus on what they love. And, then our team of editors, affiliate marketing experts,  blog writers, and accountants generate the traffic and partnerships and keep the business running and growing!

Our system allows you quickly get up and running (there's no cost - ever - to our contributors! All you do is grab the products you use, whether you love or hate them, and record yourself doing a review!

No worries about dialog, scripting, editing.... just record yourself. Keep the recording going even if you mess up, keep the recording going while you stop to peek at notes, and keep the recording going if the kids run in the room.... just keep going, and our editorial team edits and makes the videos look great!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started today!

Create Videos not Stress

At WiseBuysGuys we take care of affiliate partnerships, marketing, accounting, blog writing and editing. We free you up to just make video reviews! Watch this short video about videos!

Become a WiseBuyGuy to share your passions and create a new revenue stream!

Let's Do This!

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