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More Heat, Less Waste (Ignik Refillable Gas Growler Deluxe 5 Pound Propane Tank)

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Are you looking for a more eco-friendly way to bring propane along on camping trips?

Hey ya'll, this is Dean from WiseBuysGuys. Today we're going to review an item that's designed to fix a problem that I'm not sure I had. So, let's discuss the Ignik Refillable Gas Growler Deluxe 5-Pound Propane Tank.

Why did I buy this product? Well, I kept seeing people touting the benefits of carrying one of these over those small green 1-pound cans when camping or overlanding due to land-fill issues; not to mention, it can be awkward having several of them at once. So, in theory, the Ignik Refillable Tank is more convenient, as it's just one 5-pound tank that lasts longer.

To begin, as far as use goes, having just the one Ignik 5-pound tank is easier, and I find that it doesn't take up that much space, so they're easy to pack. In that respect, having this is nice, as it's just one thing and 5 gallons, so you don't have to worry about changing tanks every other day.

If you're just considering this use, it's a great product. However, the one thing that bothers me a bit is that I read a lot of reviews from other people who say that when using the Ignik, they still bring along one or two of the 1-pound disposables in case something happens to the refillable tank. I've used this tank for my last four or five trips, but I still can't help but think that if I only need two or three 1-pound bottles max, what's the point of the Ignik if I'm still carrying the others as a backup? With that said, if you can overcome the challenges of that issue, it is nice to have just one tank.

Let's get into the details of the Ignik Gas Growler.

One of the first things you'll notice is that it's expensive, at least in my opinion. Sure, the canisters are gone once they're empty, and you can refill the Ignik, but when you consider that the small green tanks only cost $7 or $8, it's much cheaper than the $150 to $160 for this product.

Okay, so you're wondering, "But is it good?" Yes, it's very good! The case is strong, sturdy, and well-insulated, so it's safe for me to secure in the Jeep, where it gets banged around. The bag itself is reminiscent of burlap and features a cushioned protected top.

As I was using it, a couple of things popped out, with the main one being in the past, I would hook the 1-pounds up to my old-school Coleman stove (which has been a staple and never stops working), and they're right next to the stove in this tiny area. I never realized until I used the Ignik just how convenient it is to have a cord, which makes it possible to set the tank on the ground, giving me more room on that little table. You wouldn't believe how much of a difference that little bit of space makes; it's a huge benefit!

Ultimately, I've found that the product is really good quality, tough, and durable. And I have to say it is really nice using the 5-pound tank, but I'm just not sure of what benefit I'm getting after reading the other users saying I still need to bring along backup disposables. When you balance out my net savings of space and convenience, it has lessened a bit; however, I really do like the product and am glad I have it.

Overall, I give the Ignik Refillable Gas Growler a 4.5-star rating. I would have given it five stars because the product is pretty stellar, except I'm not sure what warrants the price point because I'm not saving that much to fill it up. At any rate, it's a great product, and I think you should give it a shot!

There you have it! This has been Dean with WiseBuysGuys, and if you have any questions, be sure to comment below!

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