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The 3 Most Random Items Everyone's Buying (Vol. 1)

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Welcome to On-Deck with WiseBuysGuys!

Although online shopping is an endless rabbit hole, the items we are exposed to are even more curtailed. Simply because we often have an item or a type of item in mind, our searching and Amazon’s recommended products rarely deviate from our initial browsing and past interests.

However, there’s an entire realm of products that shoppers around the world are buying that we never come across. This short list represents some of the most random yet popular products! WiseGuysBuys can’t wait to get our hands on these items for review.

1. Let’s start with half a donut to help your lawn!

  • Protects the Heads from Mowers Edgers, Landscapers, and Teenage Drivers

  • Displaces the Weight of a Vehicles Tire Aiding in the Prevention of Broken Heads and Pipes

  • The Concrete is impregnated with Fiber for additional strength, and the entire mixture is dyed green to blend with the Grass.

  • Water Loss Prevention It aids in the prevention of the breaking of Sprinkler Heads and Pipe.

  • The Donut is produced using the most advanced technology in Concrete mixture combinations for strength and freeze-resistance

2. Work from Home Forever!

  • 2 Optional covers for replacing - This ergonomic under desk foot rest comes with 2 optional covers. One of them with massaging micro beads and another with breathable mesh to match your different needs. The pillowcase can be easily removed for cleaning and reusing.

  • Ergonomic foot rest office - Holding your feet and legs up, which makes you feel more comfortable. Relaxing your legs when you work in the office or at home.

  • Multifunctional foot rests - The height can be adjusted manually in 2 different positions: 4.13" / 6" (connect two foot cushions with magic tape). It's easy to find the perfect position to meet your needs. You can also move the footrest cushion under your knees or ankles when you sit on the floor or lie down

  • High-quality materials - The filler is made of high-density memory cotton with excellent elasticity that fits into the soles of your feet and supports them at the same time. and you can easily take it with you on the go. You can bring our footrest on a plane, when working in the office, or just if you want to work on your laptop on the couch.

  • Warm tips - Footstool for under desk is vacuum-packed and can be left for a few hours before being used when opened, if any problem you can contact us any time, we will give you a supportive reply within 12 hours.

3. Forget crazy expensive rooftop tents!

  • Polyester,Mesh

  • 2 large windows offer optimal ventilation

  • Large interior area with ample headroom

  • Full rainfly provides ultimate weather protection, along with additional storm flaps covering the windows and doors

  • With every Backroads Tent purchased, a tree will be planted through Napier?s partnership with Trees for the Future

  • Gear loft, gear pocket, and lantern holder to keep personal items organized

  • Added security of being inside the bed of your truck if an un critter strolls by

  • Full tent ?oor keeps you clean from your truck and dry from the elements

  • A color-coded pole and sleeve assembly makes the 10 minute set-up a breeze.Window Material: Polyester mes

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