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Turn Your House Into a Smarta$$ (Kasa Wifi Smart Plug Review)

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Are you looking for a convenient way to automate lights and other features in your home? Check out these awesome Smart Plugs I found on Amazon!

Hey, this is Dean from WiseBuysGuys! Today we’re going to talk about the Kasa Smart Plug Wi-Fi 4-pack.

So, I’d like to start by saying these are great! I’ve bought two packs in the past couple of years and just picked up another 4-pack. We use these around the house for scheduling the lights to come on and off, as well as for voice commands.

Kasa Wifi Smart Plug

These are very good for the price, and there are actually a couple of things I like about them. First, they are low-profile, so you can fit two of them into the same outlet. I had purchased a different brand in the past, and they worked, but they were round and too big, so just one took up the entire outlet. However, as I mentioned, that’s not the case with the Kasa Smart Plugs, as you can still make full use of the outlet.

The other thing that’s great about this brand is the Kasa App, which is easy and works pretty well. In general, I have everything in my house routed through my Google Home App, but I still had to use the Kasa App to set it all up.

I found setting up with the App to be easy and painless, but I do wish I could’ve just done everything through the Google App. That said, though, you don’t need to buy an additional hub to control smart devices because the Google Home App is capable of handling it all. So, that’s really a plus for me with these plugs.

As I said, we use these to schedule lights throughout our home in areas such as the office, kitchen, living room, etc. This allows everyone to walk around saying, “Google, turn on this or turn that off,” and it works great and is very convenient.

However, the other thing that’s really helpful with these plugs is that we have decorative lights in the front and back of our home, as well as those cool hanging lights over the patio in the back. And we simply schedule them to go on and off on their own at specific times, but when you want to turn them off, all you have to do is ask Google.

We find the scheduling to be a very cool feature, especially when we have our house decorated for holidays such as Halloween or Christmas. The Kasa Smart Plugs allow us to schedule everything to come around 6 pm at night and then go off around 11 pm or midnight. So, when you get everything set up (which is not that difficult), everything just comes on and goes off by itself. In fact, we’ve had some of our lights on this system for a couple of years now, and we love it.

Ultimately, I give this product 5 stars because, at around $30, you get a 4-pack, which is phenomenal. So, if you’re looking to automate your home and want some good quality smart plugs, check these out!

Leave a comment before you go, and let us know what cool ways you use smart plugs!

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